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Snowbird Information

Winter Visitors, Seasonal Residents, Snow Birds... The term does not matter as much as the desire to escape the cold and wet of Winter for a warmer climate.

Arizona has a long tradition of providing refuge for those escaping the worst of winter.  Since its founding in 1963, Green Valley has provided refuge to both human and avian Snow Birds.   Green Valley, Arizona is the major fly-way for migratory birds west of the Rocky Mountains!   In fact, Madera Canyon, is a world famous destination for birdwatchers.  (Click here for more on Madera Canyon.)

Green Valley's winter weather is often described as "Spring like" when compared to the colder parts of North America, or Europe for that matter.   It is common to have daytime highs in the 70's (F), nighttime lows can reach freezing, but nothing like other parts of the country.  (Click here for a look at historical weather information.)

There are nearly as many activities in Green Valley for snowbirds as there are snowbirds.  Green Valley Recreation (GVR) has both physical and social activities.  There are even clubs of people based on where they are from!

Historically, the most popular snowbird months in Green Valley have been January, February, March and April.   This makes sense, considering that these months generally have the most weather to flee from.  

As you make your plans, you may want to consider including some of April and/or May in your visit.  Most snowbirds seem to leave when the desert wakes up and blooms.  They miss the best part!

Also, if you are free for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may want to consider a visit in November or December.  The golf is great, and there are local festivals that celebrate the holidays with a Southwestern flair.

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