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Here is what people who have stayed in rental units listed on BirdsAndBoomers.com have had to say:

James in Tucson was looking for a move in June 2009

Thanks David - 
I do appreciate your response to my CL post, taking the time and providing the thorough info... the way you presented everything was beyond awsome. 
- James 

Carrie H, from Kittanning, PA, spent two months in the one-bedroom "Resort Home" called "Casita".  She had this to say:

I just wanted to express my pleasure with my recent stay at GV Resort Homes.  My stay was for May and June 2006.
I moved to Arizona from PA to take a job and GVRH was perfect for the "interim period" that it took to find a rental for my family.  The fact that the unit (Casita) was fully furnished, even down to linens, was a major plus as I didn't have to bring anything but personal items on the drive from PA.  The furnishings were comfortable and tasteful.
The neighborhood was very nice and I felt right-at-home almost immediately.  The other residents were very friendly and helpful; especially when I unexpectedly ran into one of the neighborhood javelinas!  The unit was conveniently located to a grocery store, pharmacy, gas station and restaurants, all within walking distance.  The pool and spa were very nice and well kept.  The grounds were always clean and well-maintained.
David, the manager, was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to assist me in any way he could.  Knowing that I was not at all familiar with the area, he went to the Visitors Bureau and got maps and other information for me.  He even mapped out the easiest route for me to get to work!  He was always accessible and very pleasant.  (Thank you, David!!!)
I highly recommend GVRH!
Thank you!
Carrie H.

Donna and Joe, from Wisconsin
, spent the month of  February, 2006 in a one-bedroom "Resort Home" listed through BirdsAndBoomers.com  On the topic of "How easy was it to work with our staff?"  They gave us (on a scale of 0 through 10, with 10 high) 9 for ease of reservation, 10 for move in, 10 for during their stay, 10 for move out.  They especially appreciated having everything they needed in the unit.  (Referring to sheets, blankets, towels, kitchen gear etc.)

Ross, from Puget Sound, Washington, spent Spring Break 2006 playing golf in Green Valley.   He also stayed in a one-bedroom "Resort Home" listed through BirdsAndBoomers.com.   He left a short, simple note "We enjoyed our stay.  Everything in the unit worked well.  Thank you."

Chuck & Vera moved to Green Valley from California in the Summer of 2005.  While their home was being built, they stayed in one of the two-bedroom rental units. (The one called "Flamenco".)  Here are some of their comments (B&B = BirdsAndBoomers.com, C&V = Chuck & Vera):

B&B:  How were we to work with when you were still in California?
C&V:  We found it easy to communicate on the Internet and phone. The pictures of the unit were of great value and gave us something to work with. We could actually see what the back yard looked like and were given information about the quail running through.

B&B:  What would you tell someone who is out of state and considering staying in a property listed on BirdsAndBoomers.com?
C&V:  Given the actual size of the unit and pictures would help decide how much furniture could be used.  If coming from a larger home, there were storage places available if needed. The area is very quiet and away from freeway noise. The benefits of the rec center [GVR] is very valuable and convenient because of all the activities and amenities. I was really impressed with the center. Also the views are wonderful as you drive around the area.

B&B:  How easy were the property managers to work with while you were in one of the rental units on BirdsAndBoomers.com? 
C&V:   The managers complied to all of our concerns. I would recommend that the patio not be used for storage. It is a good private area to sit in or barbecue.

B&B:  Was there anything that we did that made us stand out? - how did we affect your getting settled in Green Valley?
C&V:  We received lots of information and answers to our questions. We were especially treated with respect and politeness. Receiving immediate responses to our concerns was very much appreciated

B&B:  What, if anything, would you tell someone who is choosing between staying in a property on BirdsAndBoomers.com or through some other company?
C&V:  I don't know about any other companies. The friendliness and compassion for newcomers like us, helped us appreciate the choice we made coming to Green Valley.  Thanks for allowing us to evaluate our wonderful stay at Calle Flamenco.

The  Kraynaks, from Allen Park, Michigan, spent two-and-a-half months in a one-bedroom "Resort Home" (The one called "Prospero")  listed through BirdsAndBoomers.com    "We are having a wonderful stay!  Thank you for all you've done to make [unit's address] so livable!"

Owen & Mary Jane, from Seattle, Washington,  spent a week in the one-bedroom "Resort Home" called "Casita" and  three months in the two-bedroom townhome called "Flamenco."    "Thanks for the wonderful stay."

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