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Welcome to Birds and Boomers! 

This website was started in 2006  as a resource for Snowbirds & Baby Boomers who are visiting or moving to Green Valley, Arizona (or planning to).  Our goal is to provide a current and growing resource of things to do, and places to stay here in Green Valley, Arizona.

Founded as a retirement community in 1963, Green Valley has grown to a year round population of over 21,391 ( 2010 census.)  Our Snowbird season, (otherwise known as winter) population grows considerably!  (Perhaps double.)  

In the past few years, as the Boomer generation is retiring, more and more people are moving to Green Valley year 'round.  As the US Economy recovers, Green Valley is experiencing a good trend.  With interest rates at their current, amazing, low levels and the incredible sale that is going on in real estate, many people are finding amazing bargains on their vacation / retirement home.  (Perhaps you will too?)

If your interest in Green Valley is a week of golf, or a permanent move, this site is here to help!

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